Monday, January 14, 2013

Reflections & Max-isms

Back in the day {1980's} I brought home a trophy for something I submitted to the Reflections contest at school.  My kids play with this trophy and think it's awesome.  When I saw that they were holding a Reflections contest at Max's school{The Magic of a Moment was the theme}, I thought "we totally need to do that" and set the paper where I would see it and remember.  But I must have had some other important papers I needed to see and remember because the Reflections paper was buried under them and the date passed.

So imagine my surprise when Max brings home a certificate congratulating him for being selected to go on to Districts with his picture for Reflections!  Turns out, his teacher had the whole class submit something and three of the students in his class had a picture selected to move on.  We got an invite to the Districts Reception and would find out who was going to State.  I thought it was an evening to go and look at everyone's stuff, but there was a program where each finalist from each school was called onto the stage to be recognized...we missed his time on stage by two minutes.  Awesome mom moment.  I apologized, but he said it was fine.  What he really wanted was a ribbon.  Alas, his picture was not picked to move on.  Sorta bummed about the ribbon, but he got a date with mom and a rice krispy treat out of the evening, so not too shabby in his mind.

On Monday brother came home with a Reflections ribbon!  They called his {and the other finalists} name over the intercom during morning announcements and he got to go to the office and collect another certificate and a ribbon!  Hallelujah!
His picture says "My magic moment was when I found a millipede while I was hiking"

I sure like this kid.  He is more obsessed with football than ever before.  I know why he's so stinkin' skinny, the boy never stops moving.  He is constantly being a commentator for his own football games/plays. If he has a chance to watch something on TV, he will almost always choose one of the football games on the DVR, even if he's seen it before.  Kelly often says, "Not football!!!  I do NOT like football!"  If she hates football later in life, her husband can thank Max.  Max is playing on a basketball team at the Y and made two shots in the last game.  It's kind of funny because he was the tiniest and least experienced on his team last year; this year he's still on the short side {not the shortest though} but he's the most experienced on his team.  That's not saying a lot if you watched the team :) but he knows what's up and can dribble like a mad man.  What a difference a year makes!  He is really liking school {hooray!} and is doing awesome.  He's in the highest reading group and they are done with the 1st grade reading curriculum.  Something clicked and he really took off with reading.  We love our Maxwell T.  He's a really emotional little man, which sometimes is rough because of the way he chooses to channel that emotion...but we like him the way he is.  It's fun to watch him grow.

Here are some funny/sweet things he's said of late {previously posted on Facebook}:

  • Max: "I was thinking about joining the Dino Team at recess." Me: "What is the Dino Team?" Max: "Well, they mostly just chase girls around. But I'd rather play football. So Adam and me, we just play football." Attaboy, son. Attaboy. Stay far away from the Dino Team.
  • Last night I gave the boys haircuts {Tucker got his first!} and accidentally nicked Max's ear a little bit. We had this conversation about it:

    Max: I think you just went a little too low or something.

    Me: Yeah, sorry bud. I didn't mean too.

    Max: It's okay.

    Me: You still love me?

    Max: I don't just LOVE you, I ADORE you...or if there was another word that meant more than adore....

    Have I ever mentioned that I really like being his mama?
  • **Please don't be offended by the following thoughts of my firstborn, sometimes bizarre, son**
    Max (6): "If I was President, I would make a new holiday called Marriage Day."

    Me: "What would you do on Marriage Day?"

    Max: "Well, everyone who hasn't gotten married, or who have gotten divorced, would have to get married put to death."

    Kelly (4): "What?! That's the worst holiday EVER!"

    Think he has a future in politics? :)
  • This morning we got a late start. I threw on a sweatshirt and then the first pair of shoes I could grab - some sparkly flats. We were about to walk out the door to take Max to school and he asked, "Mom, do you like those shoes?" I responded, "Yeah, why? Don't you?" "Wellll...they don't really match with what you're wearing. I've liked them with other things, though. Other shirts." Sheesh. I wasn't looking to impress anyone this morning...especially my 6-year-old. I didn't know he had such an eye for fashion. :)

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