Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everett D turns three!

Everett Daniel - Ev - Ev Man - My Young, Young, Ev - Everett D....is 3!!!!

Everyone has been excited for this day to come.  I love how excited his older brother and sister have been about his special day!  Max and Kelly have been counting down the days and they have spent a collective hour+ on a  poster for the occasion {I accidentally bought an extra piece of poster board the other day...best mistake I've made in a long time}  Usually I am saying, "How is my little man already this old?!" but I can totally believe it's been three years, actually. I've felt like he's been three for a while now.  

Ev had a big year.  He moved into a toddler bed and became a big brother {which he has taken to beautifully}.  He also successfully  potty trained. Hooray for one in diapers!

HERE is his birth story.

My babe #3 as a babe....

Everett Daniel is a JOY.  He:

{These pictures are kind of in reverse order of the year....also, most of them have nothing to do with what is written above or below}

  • wants to wear pajamas all day, every day.  And he does while he's at home, 95% of the time.  I need to get the boy some lounge pants.  Obviously he has a thing for comfort and jeans don't do the job

  • is pretty darn independent.  Maybe that's why I feel like he's older.  He does more for himself than either Max or Kelly did at his age.  
    • I was so relieved that he didn't have cavities at his last dentist appointment because 1) his sweet tooth 2) brother wants to brush by himself all the time {I do get in there with a toothbrush at least once a day, though}
    • I'd been noticing a footprint on the front of the dishwasher for a while and one day while I watched Ev scramble onto the counter {right in the area of the food cupboard}, it became clear
    • He takes care of any accidents by himself.  He's doing great in the potty-trained department, but doesn't quite make it sometimes.  Often I don't know about it until I notice an outfit change because he's already put the clothes in the washer and moved on with his life
    • His independence caused a little problem when he'd pooped on the potty because he just wanted to take care of business...but his arms don't reach far enough to do that just yet.  It took a few weeks to convince him to stay on the potty until Mom or Dad had a chance to wipe. It was lovely. :)

  • still sleeps with his green blankie that has satin edging; still has a favorite corner of the blankie that he rubs between his fingers while he's going to sleep

  • is dang tough.  He can take a lickin' and hop right back up, breathlessly saying, "I'm okay!"

  • is pretty quiet in new situations, but is a hoot once he warms up and then you learn that he can keep talking and talking and talking :)

  • sings a lot.  My favorite songs to hear him sing are Eye of the TigerI'm Trying to be Like Jesus {especially when it goes really high "looove one another as Jesus loves you"...oh, that little voice}, I am a Child of God, and Tomorrow from Annie.

  • randomly gives sweet compliments.  All the time he will tell me, "Mom, you're the BEST!" or "Mom, you so beautiful!"

  • didn't wear shoes most of the summer which resulted in dirty feet every.single.night, but it was cute and reminded of my dad

  • loooooves nursery.  I felt bad that he had to be in there another year {have to be 3 by Jan 1st to move onto Primary} but he doesn't feel bad in the least, so I'm glad that he gets to live it up this final year in his happiest place on earth

  • LOVES to snack and has a major sweet tooth.  Not the easiest thing for a mama who's trying to get decent food in his little body.  I give in to his snacking tendencies too often because, well...have you ever looked at his face?  Irresistible. 
    • One day in December I'd given Ev a few chocolate chips from the chocolate chip bag in the top of the cupboard and told him that was it, no more. I was in the family room, folding laundry, when I heard him sweetly say {in a sing-song kind of voice}, "Don't bug me. I'm getting on the counter. Don't bug me." I rightly surmised that meant he was trying to sneak onto the counter to get more chocolate chips. Because he is so cute I didn't stop him.
    • Today was his first day of swimming lessons and he was NOT digging it.  I was trying everything to get him in the water and then I whispered, "you can have some ice cream if you do your swim lessons"...he LOVED swim lessons after that. 

  •  has the cutest hip-twisting run

  • knows when he's tired and will put himself to bed if we aren't moving fast enough with the bedtime routine

  • has finally passed the constant face wound phase of his life {I think...I hope}!  Wahoo!  I think brother finally grew into his cute head 

  • loves to tell jokes...knock-knock jokes in particular.  But as soon as you ask who it is, the person or thing takes a walk down the street, generally to get smashed by a car or engage in a battle.

  • is my kitchen buddy.  He's almost always on the counter while I'm cooking, helping whenever he can.

Ev is a great older brother and younger brother.  He holds his own with the big kids.  I love this boy to pieces. He is snuggly and happy most of the time.  I am so lucky he's mine!  


Mickey said...

Thank you Dana. And thank you Ev for being you! I agree he is so cute and seems older because he can do so much and express himself so well.
Happy Birthday Everett!

Sandee said...

Loved the update on Ever....Love that little guy so much! Happy Birthday Ev