Thursday, January 17, 2013

Max's Primary Talk - 1/13/13

I feel good because I am a Child of God. 
I know He has a plan for me and we will live with Him again. 
Part of Heavenly Father’s plan for me is to listen to Mom and Daddy. 
I want to get baptized in the baptism font because I want to get the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
The Holy Ghost will help me learn how to be good. 
It’s good to be good so we can have fun living with Heavenly Father again. 
I will serve a mission so I can teach people about the Gospel and I can spread Mormons around the world. 
I know Heavenly Father loves me and so does Jesus.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

**Brother didn't actually give the talk because he gets nervous in front of people, so Tyler read it.  Max said he was embarrassed when everyone laughed at the line "I can spread Mormons around the world."  We told him there's a difference at being laughed at and making people laugh. :)  That line gave me a chuckle when he was dictating his talk to me that morning too.**

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