Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Quick Kid Project

I wanted a place for my kids to hang up their art and stuff. We have a stainless refrigerator so the ol' fridge display is out. I had a bunch of clothespins from a previous craft, bought some ribbon on sale for $1.49, had the kiddos paint the clothespins, attached the clothespins to the ribbon, nailed the ribbon to their wall...and voila! Cheap, super easy, and got the kids involved. My kind of project. PLUS it turned out pretty darn long to accommodate all of the painstakingly perfectly painted pins so it's been inspiring my little people to do more drawing/coloring/painting to fill up each clothespin. I like it.


Betsy B. said...

I love it! I've been wanting to make something for my boys too, but I'm going to use a yard stick. If it needs to be longer, this is a great idea. Where did you get clothes pins? I bet lots of places would have them, I just haven't looked yet.

carly said...

love it!