Saturday, August 17, 2013

May catch-up (holy moly, May was busy...I guess LIFE is busy though)

It's time for something more than my ramblings and emotions up in here.  I have a really blessed life with lots of fun kids and I have been pretty terrible about documenting all of the memories on the blog lately.  So here goes!

I got to go on Max's field trip back in was to a Skippy John Jones play (weird, but good.)  He was SO excited I was coming.  It started after lunch and I wrote Max a note on his napkin (I usually do that, but often write jokes) and as soon as I walked into the classroom, he shoved the napkin in my hand with a return note written on the back.
  Reyes and Cienna

"Mom I love you too.  There's no mom better than you.  I am so glad to be your son."  Man, I love that kid!  He was so happy to be next to me on the bus.  I'm relishing these years of mom idolization...I know it won't last.

Ev dressed himself.  Plaid on plaid. Sweat band just in case. It was awesome and made me laugh a lot.

I went on the Zoo field trip that we usually do for our co-op preschool at the end of the year (for the letter Z); Ev got to come along too.  It was me and one other mom and 9 kids and it was SO fun!  My favorite part was taking the kids into the bird area where they each got sticks with bird seed on them.  Man, some of them freaked out when the birds landed on their stick and for some reason I thought it was hilarious.  I'm terrible!  But it was so funny...still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

I took Max & Kelly to see a local CSTOCK performance of Alice in Wonderland.  We loved it!

Mother's Day was awesome, as usual...

I thought this was an appropriate thing to have happen on Mother's Day...I looked down and had NO idea how long that yellow thing had been there. :)
 I just really like my kids...

Kelly went to Kindergarten Orientation and loved it!  I cannot believe she is starting school this year.  She'll have the same wonderful teacher that Max had in Kindergarten.

Ty surprised me and took me on the most perfect birthday date to Seattle.  We walked onto the Bainbridge ferry, walked to a delicious dinner at Ivar's (the restaurant to be more fancy, but I still just ordered the white clam chowder in a bread's my favorite), and then we went on the new gigantic ferris wheel that's right on the water.  Before we got on the ferry to head back, we went to Pike's Market to get a flower bouquet and got the very last one in the place.  Who knew that they have lives and close up shop on Friday evening?  Not I! :) We also happened upon the famous gum wall, which we'd never seen before. It was seriously the BEST night.  I was so thankful and happy and in love with my hubs.

We ran in the Viking Fest road race; Tyler did the 5-mile and the kids and I did the 1-mile.  Max took off and ran it by himself; I hung with Kelly while she ran and had the other two kiddos in the jogging stroller.  I was so proud of the kids and we had so much fun!

Kelly decided to go on a run with me later that day (even after her 1-mile run!)  We ran the long way to the school and then she jammed to the music on my iPod shuffle while I ran the track; then we ran home together.  I love, love, love that sweet girl.

Tuck Man tried corn on the cob for the first time.  He is super talkative in his baby babble, but super serious about what he's saying and will carry on the longest conversations.  Adorbs.

My actual day of birth was also wonderful!  I'm a lucky lady.

On Memorial Day it was super rainy, but we decided to take the kids this year to a military cemetery and give them a little history lesson.  It was emotional and the older kids seemed to understand the importance of the holiday and of what the men and women in the armed services are sacrificing; at least a little more than they did before.

Max was a rock star on his flag football team, usually scoring multiple touchdowns per game.  Brother is FAST and that's more than half of the battle when the other kids have to tug a flag out of your belt for you to be down.  His team was undefeated and he had the BEST time playing.  He was really in to juke moves and would weave all over the field and through players to get to the end zone.  I love, love, love watching him play.  His wonderful teacher, Mrs. Robillard, came to one of his last games.  She is so sweet.

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Jess said...

i absolutely without a doubt love your little fam soooo much, and am one lucky girl to have you all in my life, i look to you as an example of what i someday hope to have and become! i love reading every single little or BIG story you have to tell :)